Result-Driven Cannabis Cultivation & Consulting

Helping our partners achieve maximum value since 1989

Grogenex is a highly specialized consulting partner for Licensed Producers and ACMPR growers

Strategic Change Management

Our services span technology and innovation strategy and implementation, to product refinement and optimization of the operating model

Result Driven Solutions

We help CFO’s and other finance executives drive growth beyond shareholder expectations while optimizing operations, techniques and strategies and measurably improving crop quality and yields


We understand the complexity of the challenges and obstacles that producers face as pioneers in the Canadian cannabis industry, so we provide our partners with personalized solutions along with ongoing support to help meet ever-evolving industry and marketplace demands

Grow Team

Our team is comprised of growers from multiple provinces and countries, with expertise in every style of growing from large scale commercial to small batch craft. At GroGenex, we have over a century of combined experience, specific to cannabis.